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Time and time again we talk to owners that are exhausted trying to keep their horse safe, sound, and happy. They get one issue fixed up and another one arrises. Their current circumstances have their horse stressed out and struggling to feel their best. And they're running out of options and resources.
We've been in that position with our own horses and we knew there had to be a better way to keep them happy and healthy, which is why we started Blue Star Stable.

Here we've made it a priority for all horses to feel safe in their herd and have positive social interactions. We also understand the importance of movement ensuring there is plenty of room to roam and forage. We know that high-quality balanced nutrition is key to having a healthy horse and strive to provide for the needs of everyone with custom nutrition plans.
After seeing our own and many other "high maintenance" horses transform into strong, thriving, vibrant beings at Blue Star we know that your's will too.

We're here to listen to your concerns and to work together to find solutions. Get in touch with us and get ready for your horse to shine!

Cristie Hess



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Our horse friendly facility ensures you and your horse feel safe and confident.

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We pride ourselves on caring for your whole horse, listening to and meeting their needs.


Exceptional Services

We go above and beyond to serve you & your horses so you can reach your goals.

Meet Cristie


Cristie has had a love for horses her whole life.  Since getting her first pony, she has admired and respected their grace and presence.  Many hours during her youth were spent on horseback.  This was a time for dreaming.  Dreaming of having a nice stable where her beloved equine friend could thrive. 

Having boarded her horses, observed other people boarding their horses, and visited other boarding stables, Cristie gained valuable insight as to what is important to a boarder.  She wanted to offer a superior facility—a setting where both the horses and their owner’s well- being were top priority.

In September of 2011, Blue Star Stable opened its doors.  Her goal is for you to feel welcome and at peace.  Knowing your horse is being well taken care of in a clean, well-managed, safe and beautiful environment.

Meet Becky

Instructor & Trainer

Becky has been instructing and training for over 15 years. She has a passion for teaching people how to work with horses in harmonious and positive ways. One of her favorite things is seeing owners reaching their goals with horses that are confident and enthusiatic. Her training methods are science-based with a focus of building feelings of trust and empowerment in horses.  

You can find more from Becky on her blog at Insightful Equine. There she shares DIY projects, product reviews, and tips for everything from saving money around the barn, to balanced riding. 

When she’s not buried in horse projects, she loves spending time with her boyfriend, traveling and hiking with their two squishy faced Boston Terriers. If you’re up for expanding your circle of horse friends stop by and say hello on Facebook or for a bit of equine inspiration follow her on Instagram @insightfulequine.

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